Entry List

Quayside 5k & Junior Quayside 3k – Wednesday 9th August 2023

Search for your name in the filter below.

Race packs, including race bib and chip, are collected on the night of the event.

Make your way down to the collection desks on Wednesday Evening when Registration opens from 5:30pm in the Baltic café, Baltic Square.

It will take around 20 minutes to collect your number, so please arrive early.

The earlier you get there, the more efficient we will be on the day.  

If you have your own pins then that would be great but we will have supplies if needed.

If you have any issues, contact us at [email protected] See you there

Last Updated: 09/08/2023

First NameLast NameEventGenderClub
BenAbbott5k A RaceMaleWestern Tempo
EricAdams5k A RaceMale
DavidAinsley5k A RaceMaleNorth york moors ac
MatthewAlderson5k A RaceMaleLow Fell RC
JamesAllan5k A RaceMaleAlnwick Harriers
JasonAllison5k A RaceMaleCrook AC
DanielAllott5k A RaceMale
JamesAnderson5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
RobAndrew5k A RaceMaleAlnwick Harriers
DarrenAnsbro5k A RaceMaleBillingham Running Club
MatthewArcher5k A RaceMaleElvet Striders
JakeArcher5k A RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
GeorgeArthur5k A RaceMaleSouth Shields harriers
RobertAtkinson5k A RaceMaleBlaydon Harriers
RobertAtwell5k A RaceMale
CarlAvery5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
KrisAxon5k A RaceMaleWallsend Harriers & AC
AdrianBailes5k A RaceMaleBirtley Harriers
MarkBanks5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
TonyBanks5k A RaceMaleTynedale Harriers & AC
Andrea Banks5k A RaceFemaleTynedale Harriers & AC
PaulBanks5k A RaceMaleMorpeth harriers
AaronBark5k A RaceMaleOAD
MichaelBarker5k A RaceMaleSunderland Harriers
RichardBarker5k A RaceMaleSunderland Strollers
RachelBarnes5k A RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
GavinBayne5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
ScottBeattie5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
ChristopherBell5k A RaceMaleSunderland Harriers
RobynBennett5k A RaceFemaleMorpeth Harriers
SimonBennett5k A RaceMaleHartlepool Burn Road Harriers
LeeBennett5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
JenniferBerry5k A RaceFemaleWallsend Harriers
NickBiggers5k A RaceMaleAlnwick Harriers
RebeccaBlain5k A RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
AlasdairBlain5k A RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
TonyBlake5k A RaceMaleNorth East Project
MichaelBradley5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields poly
FinnBrodie5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
KristianBurgess5k A RaceMaleNewcastle Frontrunners
JohnButters5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
DanCalvert5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Polytechnic
RichardCarter5k A RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
DanielCartwright5k A RaceMale
EmmaCartwright5k B RaceFemaleBlaydon Harrier and Athletics Club
PeterCassidy5k A RaceMale
StephenCessford5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
AaronCharlton5k A RaceMaleNorth East Project (NEP)
EmilyChon5k A RaceFemaleChester-Le-Street AC
SilasChristie5k A RaceMaleGosforth Harriers
MarkChristie5k A RaceMaleSunderland Strollers
BenjaminClarke5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers and Athletic Club
JohnClifford5k A RaceMaleDarlington harriers & AC
ClemCoady5k A RaceMaleBorder Harriers
AlexCook5k A RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
BenCook5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
Nathan Cooper5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields poly
EthanCorrie5k A RaceMale
MarkCovell5k A RaceMaleWallsend Harriers
JamesCripwell5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
LucyCrookes5k A RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
DanielCurwen5k A RaceMaleWashington Running Club
LeeCuthbertson5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
KurtDale5k A RaceMaleDurham City Harriers
Alison ClareDargie5k A RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
FredDavies5k A RaceMaleShettleston Harriers
DavidDawson5k A RaceMaleGateshead harriers
KieronDay5k A RaceMaleCrook & District AC
MichaelDenison5k A RaceMaleLow Fell RC
MattDiment5k A RaceMaleNorth Sheilds Poly
AlysonDixon5k A RaceFemaleSunderland Strollers
JamesDixon5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
StephenDobson5k A RaceMale
PeterDodd5k A RaceMaleJarrow & Hebburn AC
KatieDonaldson5k A RaceFemaleBlyth Running Club
JackDouglas5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
JamesDouglas5k A RaceMaleelswick harriers
AlistairDouglass5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
CraigDowns5k A RaceMaleBirtley AC
GavinDuke5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Polytechnic
IanDunn5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
StephenDuthie5k A RaceMaleWashington Running Club
CallumEldridge5k A RaceMaleElswick harriers
GylesEllison5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
JacquelineEtherington5k A RaceFemaleCambuslang Harriers
HughFenwick5k A RaceMaleWallsend harriers
HaileyFletcher5k A RaceFemaleSedbergh School Running Club
MattFletcher5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
DianeFoster5k A RaceFemaleTynedale Harriers
AlexFowler5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields polytechnic
Andrew Freeman5k A RaceMale
SamanthaGair5k A RaceFemaleAshington Hirst Running Club
WayneGair5k A RaceMaleAshington Hirst Running Club
LouisGardner5k A RaceMaleJesmond
JacobGarthwaite5k A RaceMale
DavidGaskin5k A RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
IainGibson5k A RaceMaleElvet Striders
PaulGilder5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
StevenGordon5k A RaceMaleSunderland Harriers AC
MartinGraham5k A RaceMaleBlaydon Harriers & AC
AlexanderGraham5k A RaceMaleNone
JosephGreen5k A RaceMaleTynedale Harriers & AC
DavidGreen5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
JonathanGreenwell5k A RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
MatthewGrieve5k A RaceMaleLeeds City AC
DannyGrieves5k A RaceMale
KimGrimoldby5k A RaceFemaleGateshead Harriers & AC
JordanGrylls5k A RaceMaleJarrow & Hebburn
KirkHaddon5k A RaceMaleGosforth Harriers
ChrisHainsworth5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
ConnorHall5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
Scott Hall5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
IainHall5k A RaceMaleWallsend
JayHandyside5k A RaceMaleNorth East Project
EdwardHarrison5k A RaceMaleAlnwick Harriers
SamHarrison5k A RaceMaleSaltwell Harriers
TimothyHartley5k A RaceMaleWigan & District Harriers & AC
ShonaHaston5k A RaceFemaleGateshead Harriers & AC
LouisHead5k A RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
JoeHeap5k A RaceMaleBorder harriers
MichaelHedley5k A RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
TylerHelmuth5k A RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
Andrew Heppell5k A RaceMaleGosforth Harriers & AC
DavidHeslop5k A RaceMaleHartlepool Burn Road Harriers
EllisHetherington5k A RaceMaleBlyth Running Club
LukeHilliard5k A RaceMaleElswick Harriers
WillHogg5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Polytechnic
AdrianHolliday5k A RaceMaleBorder Harriers
MarkHope5k A RaceMaleHeaton harriers
VictoriaHoughton5k A RaceFemaleVictoria Houghton
ChanceHowarth5k A RaceMale
DavidHughes5k A RaceMale
ChristopherHuitson5k A RaceMaleGosforth Harriers AC
LiamHuntington5k A RaceMaleElvet Striders
JoeInns5k A RaceMalejesmond joggers
KieranJack5k A RaceMaleNone
PhillipJamieson5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
AnthonyJannetta5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
PhilJarvis5k A RaceMale
GregoryJayasuriya5k A RaceMaleMiddlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers
CalumJohnson5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
DavidJohnson5k A RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
JordanJones5k A RaceMale
CraigJones5k A RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
MickJones5k A RaceMaleTyne Bridge harriers
RupertJordan5k A RaceMaleHyde Park Harriers
CharlieKatsighiras-welton5k A RaceMaleElswick Harriers
MarkKearney5k A RaceMaleElvet striders
LiamKelly5k A RaceMaleNone
SarahKerr5k A RaceFemaleClaremont Road Runners
StephenKettle5k A RaceMaleTyne Bridge harriers
JennaKillock5k A RaceFemaleJenna Killock
ScottKirkup5k A RaceMaleN.A
EddieKnight5k A RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
LewisKram5k A RaceMaleJarrow and Hebburn Athletics Club
MikhailKrivomazov5k A RaceMaleMikhail Krivomazov
AlecLauder5k A RaceMale
JohnLavender5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Polytechnic
AndrewLawrence5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
JoanneLee5k A RaceFemaleNot in a club
RoryLeonard5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
BenedictLewis5k A RaceMale
LewisLiddle5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
KeironLightfoot5k A RaceMaleBlackhill Bounders
HannahLinton5k A RaceFemaleBirtley AC
MichaelLittlewood5k A RaceMaleElvet strider
GeorgeLowry5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
LornaMacdonald5k A RaceFemaleMorpeth harriers
CatrionaMacDonald5k A RaceFemaleMorpeth Harriers
JamesMacleod5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
HenryMadden5k A RaceMaleBlyth running club
GillianManford5k A RaceFemaleGateshead Harriers
SophieMarr5k A RaceFemaleTyne bridge harriers
ConnorMarshall5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
AndyMarshall5k A RaceMaleNone
CalvinMarsland5k A RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
JayMartin5k A RaceMaleN.A
DavidMatthew5k A RaceMaleRun Nation RC
RoryMcconnachy5k A RaceMaleNorth shields polytechnic
LewisMcConnell5k A RaceMaleBirtley AC
LawrenceMcCourt5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
LindsayMcewan5k A RaceMaleElvet Striders
HamishMckay5k A RaceMaleAberdeen AAC
PhilipMckeown5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
CamillaMcKnespiey5k A RaceFemaleLeeds City
RudyMcleod5k A RaceMaleRudy McLeod
BenMcmain5k A RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
JoshMcmeeking5k A RaceMaleAlnwick harriers
JamesMcnaney5k A RaceMaleElvet Striders
SeanMennim5k A RaceMaleElswick Harriers
StuartMilburn5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
MatthewMoran5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
ThomasMount5k A RaceMaleAldershot Farnham & District
RonnieMount5k A RaceMale
GavinMulvaney5k A RaceMalesouth shields harriers
MartinMumo Musyoka5k A RaceMaleKenya
LiamMurnane5k A RaceMaleHeaton Harriers & AC
JohnNash5k A RaceMaleDurham City Harriers
RobynNaylor5k A RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
JamesNettleton5k A RaceMale
JamesO'connell Nash5k A RaceMaleDurham City Harriers
RoselleOberholzer5k A RaceFemaleBlaydon Harriers & AC
andrewogle5k A RaceMale
AnnaOswald5k A RaceFemaleTyne bridge harriers
JonathonParker5k A RaceMaleDerwent Valley Trail Runners
ChrisParkin5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers & AC
JakeParmley5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
JoshPearson5k A RaceMaleCrook & District AC
GregoryPenn5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
CraigPettinger5k A RaceMaleN.A
SophiePikett5k A RaceFemaleElswick Harriers
JorgePinto Fernandes5k A RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
NathanPostill5k A RaceMaleBorder Harriers AC
DavidPostill5k A RaceMaleBorder Harriers
BryanPotts5k A RaceMaleElvet Striders
EllenPowell5k A RaceFemaleElvet Striders
ScottPratt5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
ThomasPrentice5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
CalebPrudhoe5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
LindseyQuinn5k A RaceFemaleMorpeth harriers
SteveRankin5k A RaceMaleSunderland Harriers & AC
Kieran Reay5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
EllieReed5k A RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers & AC
DaveRichardson5k A RaceMaleGateshead harriers
LiamRoarty5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
KeithRobertshaw5k A RaceMaleBirtley AC
RebeccaRobinson5k A RaceFemaleKendal
LiamRoche5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
MichaelRodenby5k A RaceMaleSunderland Harriers and Ac
ColinRogerson5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
MatthewRoss5k A RaceMale
MichaelSalisbury5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
ConnorScott5k A RaceMale
TerryScott5k A RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
PaulSelian5k A RaceMaleKenya
DanielSherliker5k A RaceMaleLow Fell Running Club
VickySimpson5k A RaceFemaleNorth shields poly
ClaireSimpson5k A RaceFemaleSouth Shields harriers
NigelSimpson5k A RaceMaleBirtley AC
PaulSimpson5k A RaceMaleJarrow and Hebburn
CarlSmith5k A RaceMaleJarrow and Hebburn
AndrewSmith5k A RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
AlexandraSneddon5k A RaceFemaleJarrow and Hebburn AC
StephenSparke5k A RaceMalePonteland Runners
DanielSpoor5k A RaceMaleElswick Harriers
JamesStacey5k A RaceMaleLow Fell RC
MattSteanson5k A RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
KathrynStevenson5k A RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
HannahStewart5k A RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
MichaelStott5k A RaceMaleBlyth
JohnSturman5k A RaceMaleJohn Sturman
DarrenSuleman5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
KyleSunley5k A RaceMaleElvet Striders
NickSwinburn5k A RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
Andrew Swinburne5k A RaceMale
ElishaTait5k A RaceFemaleGateshead
AnthonyTait5k A RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
DavidTait5k A RaceMaleLow Fell
HarryTatham5k A RaceMaleDerwent Valley Trail Runners
LintonTaylor5k A RaceMaleLeeds AC
PeterTaylor5k A RaceMale
PeterTaylor-bray5k A RaceMaleChorlton Runners
RobertTeasdale5k A RaceMaleCrook
ZoeThompson5k A RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
AdamThompson5k A RaceMaleStockport Harriers & AC
JamesThompson5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
RobertTorch5k A RaceMaleLeeds City
HeatherTownsend5k A RaceFemaleLeeds City
JamesVasey5k A RaceMale
EmilioVazquez5k A RaceMaleJesmond joggers
AndriyVolkov5k A RaceMaleVector Racing
GaryWallace5k A RaceMaleBlackhill bounders
JenniferWalsh5k A RaceFemaleLeeds City
SonamWangdi5k A RaceMale
HelenWarburton5k A RaceFemaleSale Harriers
GraemeWatt5k A RaceMaleElvet Striders
GaryWeir5k A RaceMaleBlyth Running Club
KrisWhitelaw5k A RaceMaleCrook ac
LethaWhitham5k A RaceFemaleBlaydon Harriers
DanielWhybrow5k A RaceMaleN/A
TimWilcock5k A RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
JamesWilcox5k A RaceMaleWashington Running Club
BenWilkinson5k A RaceMaleBirtley Athletics Club
CoryWilkinson5k A RaceMale
OliverWilliams5k A RaceMale
CarolineWilliams5k A RaceFemaleTyne Bridge
DavidWilliams5k A RaceMaleNORTH SHIELDS POLY
JoeWillis5k A RaceMaleSunderland Harriers
HannahWilson5k A RaceFemaleHannah Wilson
MaryWilson5k A RaceFemale
SamWood5k A RaceMaletyne bridge harriers
JasminWood5k A RaceFemaleDurham City Harriers
DavidWright5k A RaceMale
StevenY5k A RaceMaleNorth Shields polytechnic
JamesYoung5k A RaceMaleSaltwell Harriers
RobbYoung5k A RaceMaleBlaydon Harriers
WilliamAdamson5k B RaceMale
EmmaAddy5k B RaceFemaleSunderland Strollers
PaulAgnew5k B RaceMaleBirtley ac
JaberAlamiri5k B RaceMale
TessAllan5k B RaceFemaleAlnwick Harriers
HeatherAllaway5k B RaceFemaleTynebridge Harriers
AnasAlthobaiti5k B RaceMale
CarolineAmes5k B RaceFemaleCaroline Ames
ChristineAnders5k B RaceFemaleCheshire Dragons
StephenAnders5k B RaceMaleCheshire Dragons
AlexAntonopoulos5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
ChrisArmstrong5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
PaulArmstrong5k B RaceMaleN.A
MichelleArmstrong5k B RaceFemalenorth shields poly
ChrisAshall5k B RaceMaleBlaydon Harriers
CarolAshby5k B RaceFemale
EllieAshcroft5k B RaceFemale
GayleAskwith5k B RaceFemaleCrook and District AC
PhilipAtkinson5k B RaceMaleBirtley AC
LornaBainbridge5k B RaceFemale
GeorginaBarlow5k B RaceFemaleNorth shields polytechnic
RachaelBarnes5k B RaceFemaleNone
FionaBarras5k B RaceFemaleNorth Shields Polytechnic
JenniferBarton5k B RaceFemaleNA
LisaBaston5k B RaceFemaleAlnwick Harriers
AnnaBasu5k B RaceFemaleElvet Striders
LewisBate5k B RaceMaleBirtley AC
ConnorBath5k B RaceMale
MarieBell5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge
AdamBell5k B RaceMaleRed Kite Runners
AdrianBell5k B RaceMaleRun Nation Running Club
AlanBell5k B RaceMale
HelenBell5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
KathleenBellamy5k B RaceFemaleElvet Striders
FranciscoBenitez5k B RaceMale
MartinBlakelock5k B RaceMaleAshington Hirst running club
MaryBlanden5k B RaceFemalestocksfield striders
CraigBradley5k B RaceMaleLow Fell Running Club
LouBranley5k B RaceFemale
PaulBrennan5k B RaceMaleBirtley AC
RichardBrooks5k B RaceMaleRichard Brooks
IanBrooks5k B RaceMaleBlaydon Harriers
RichardBrown5k B RaceMale
ClaireBrown5k B RaceFemalenone
ChrisBrown5k B RaceMale
RoderickBruce5k B RaceMaleMorpeth Harriers
LynneBuddle5k B RaceFemaleNone
DavidBullock5k B RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
PBurn5k B RaceFemaleRed kite runners
ElliotBurns5k B RaceMalen/a
MichaelButler5k B RaceMale
IanButler5k B RaceMaleElvet Striders
KarenByng5k B RacePrefer Not To SayElvet Striders
TracyCalvert5k B RaceFemaleLonely Goat
ReeceCalvert5k B RaceMale
JamesCampbell5k B RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
JemmaCarr5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
MatthewCarr5k B RaceMaleElvet Striders
KayCarrick5k B RaceFemale
JustineCarrion-weiss5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
LynneCarruthers5k B RaceFemaledurham city harriers
MahathirChan5k B RaceMale
PaulineChaplin5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
AnnabelleChapman5k B RaceFemale
HelenChatterton5k B RaceFemale
FloorChristie-de Jong5k B RaceFemaleGosforth Harriers
EllieClark5k B RaceFemale
OliviaClark5k B RaceFemaleGateshead Harriers
RobertClark5k B RaceMaleRobert Clark
FayeClark5k B RaceFemale
NeilClarkson5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
MelanieClegg5k B RaceFemaleAlnwick Harriers
RichardClough5k B RaceMale
EllenCole5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
CarrieCollins5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
AndrewCollins5k B RaceMaleRed Kite Runners
MichelleConnelly5k B RaceFemaleSaltwell harriers
PhilipConnor5k B RaceMaleEast Durham Running Club
CallyCooley5k B RaceFemaleNewburn running club
HannahCoppillie5k B RaceFemaleN.a
LynneCornell5k B RaceFemaleClaremont Road Runners
MoiseCoulon5k B RaceMaleNorth Shields Polytechnics
DanielleCoulson5k B RaceFemaleHoughton Harriers
RobCoulson5k B RaceMaleRob Coulson
LouiseCoultate5k B RaceFemaleNorth Shields Poly
PeterCoyle5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
AngelaCraggs5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers AC
DoreenCraig5k B RaceFemaleBlaydon Harriers & AC
AnthonyCrosby5k B RaceMaleanthony crosby
MichaelCrowe5k B RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
SteveCummings5k B RaceMaleNone
Laurie Cummings5k B RaceMaleDarlington harriers & AC
LauraCummings5k B RaceFemale
GaynorCummins5k B RaceFemale
AnthonyDaglish5k B RaceMaleheaton harriers
JonathanDale5k B RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
DavidDale5k B RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
RachelDanielson5k B RaceFemaleBlyth running club
MickDavis5k B RaceMaleElvet Striders
RuthDavison5k B RaceFemale
TanyaDavison5k B RaceFemale
CraigDavison5k B RaceMale
PaulDavy5k B RaceMaleTynedale Harriers & AC
TinaDenny5k B RaceFemaleN/a
SandroDi Simplicio5k B RaceMale
JenniferDibb5k B RaceFemale
AlisonDixon5k B RaceFemaleNorth Shields Poly
JohnDobbs5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
HayleyDobinon5k B RaceFemaleSunderland harrier
AnnaDocherty5k B RaceFemaleJesmond Joggers
DarrenDodd5k B RaceMaleSunderland Harriers
RachelDodds5k B RaceFemaleElswick Harriers
JessicaDodds5k B RaceFemaleAurora Harriers
HeatherDonald5k B RaceFemaleElswick Harriers
TaylaDouglass5k B RaceFemaleMorpeth
MattyDown5k B RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
LeeDrummond5k B RaceMaleBirtley ac
LoyalDube5k B RaceFemaleLoyal Dube
AndrewDuffy5k B RaceMalena
RachelDugan5k B RaceFemaleSunderland Strollers
BrianDugan5k B RaceMaleSunderland Strollers
AnthonyDuggan5k B RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
LucyDunbar5k B RaceFemaleTyne bridge harriers
Michael JosephDyball5k B RaceMaleNone
MichaelDyball5k B RaceMaleNone
LaurenEadon5k B RaceFemaleRichmond and Zetland harriers
JaneEastham5k B RaceFemale
GemmaEddy5k B RaceFemaleQuakers running club
NigelEddy5k B RaceMaleQuaker's
NeilEdmondson5k B RaceMaleNewcastle Frontrunners
JacquelineElliot5k B RaceFemaleAurora
DeannaElliott5k B RaceFemale
DawnElliott5k B RaceFemaleN.A
SandraEllis5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
MichelleEmbleton5k B RaceFemaleAshington hirst running club
Sarah JaneEvans5k B RaceFemaleFylde Coast Runners
KirstinFarquhar5k B RaceFemaleBirtley AC
GemmaFaulds5k B RaceFemale
SarahFawcett5k B RaceFemaleElvet Striders
MaggieFearby5k B RaceFemaleBbb
RobFedrick5k B RaceMale
MattiaFedrighelli5k B RaceMale
ZosiaFeher5k B RaceFemale
NeilFellows5k B RaceMaleBlaydon Harries & AC
RobynFerguson5k B RaceFemaleNorth Shields Polytechnic
MariaFigueira5k B RaceFemale
ElizabethFisher5k B RaceFemalenone
MargueriteFisher5k B RaceFemaleHaven’t got one
EmmaFlynn5k B RaceFemaleshildon
IsobelForeman5k B RaceFemaleGosforth Harriers
CraigForrest5k B RaceMaleNorthshields Poly
IsabellaForrest5k B RaceFemaleNone
MichaelForrest5k B RaceMale
CharlesFry5k B RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
LauraGabriele5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
AngeloGabriele5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
AdamGardner5k B RaceMalewallsend harriers AC
LesleyGarnham5k B RaceFemaleAurora Harriers
BrianGeddis5k B RaceMaleNorth Down AC
George Kenneth CawkwellGeorge Kenneth Cawkwell5k B RaceMaleCrook AC
CarleyGibson5k B RaceFemaleAycliffe running club
MichaelGilboy5k B RaceMaleNorth Shields Polytechnic Club
DavidGillick5k B RaceMale
CharlotteGillick5k B RaceFemaleGateshead Harriers
JudithGoodship5k B RaceFemalen.a
AlisonGould5k B RaceFemale
HeatherGould5k B RaceFemaleNorth Shields Poly
IanGoulding5k B RaceMaleBirtley AC
KarenGoulding5k B RaceFemaleBirtley AC
JessicaGraham5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
JoanneGraham5k B RaceFemaleBlaydon Harriers & AC
DavidGraham5k B RaceMaleSedgefield Harriers
JennyGraham5k B RaceFemaleGosforth Harriers
ThomasGraham5k B RaceMale
EmmaGraham-best5k B RaceFemale
SteveGreaves5k B RaceMale
LukeGreen5k B RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
CarolGreen5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
EvaGreenhill5k B RaceFemaleGosforth harriers
AlexGreenwell5k B RaceFemale
StephGreenwell5k B RaceFemaleElvet Striders
ColinGreenwell5k B RaceMaleLow fell RC
MelissaGreenwell5k B RaceFemaleLow Fell Running Club
CallumGreig5k B RaceMaleEast Durham Running Club
ScottGriffiths5k B RaceMalesunderland strollers
TonyHadigate5k B RaceMaleN/a
EmmaHaggie5k B RaceFemaleRun Nation
JessicaHall5k B RaceFemaleRed Kite Runners
CherylHall5k B RaceFemaleNorth shields poly
PeterHall5k B RaceMalePeter Hall
CharlesHall5k B RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
JessicaHamilton5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
SarahHandy5k B RaceFemaleSarah Handy
VickyHaswell5k B RaceFemaleSunderland Harriers & AC
FionaHayton5k B RaceFemaleRun Eat Sleep South Shields
PhilipHealey5k B RaceMaleCrook & District AC
DavidHeaney5k B RaceMale
AndrewHeaviside5k B RaceMaleCrook and District AC
GerryHehir5k B RaceMaleGerry Hehir
SeanHenderson5k B RaceMaleAshington Hirst Running Club
DanielHenry-Lane5k B RaceMale
NicolaHern5k B RaceFemaleSunderland Strollers
PanayiotisHerodotou5k B RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
LaurenHetherington5k B RaceFemale
JessHeyworth5k B RaceFemaleSaltwell Harriers
MichaelHildreth5k B RaceMaleJarrow & Hebburn AC
JohnHindmarch5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
CharlotteHolland5k B RaceFemale
PaulHolland5k B RaceMale
KeithHolmes5k B RaceMaleNo
KayHood5k B RaceFemale
MichaelHood5k B RaceMaleLow Fell
FatimaHorn5k B RaceFemaleSunderland Strollers
DaveHudson5k B RaceMale
GordonHull5k B RaceMaleCrook and District A C
OliviaHunter5k B RaceFemale
Jean-PierreHupin5k B RaceMale
BrianHurst5k B RaceMaleJarrow and Hebburn A.C.
ConnieHydes5k B RaceFemaleAshington & Hirst
NicolaIley5k B RaceFemaleRiverside Striders
AndreaIngles5k B RaceFemaletyne bridge harriers
SteveIrish5k B RaceMaleLow Fell Running Club
AlisonJanes5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers & AC
KennethJardine5k B RaceMaleSunderland strollers
DarrenJarrett5k B RaceMaleSunderland Strollers
KerryJarvis5k B RaceFemale
Amy JJohnson5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
KevinJohnson5k B RaceMaleSunderland
SarahJohnson5k B RaceFemaleNorth Shields Poly
AlexJohnston5k B RaceMale
FionaJones5k B RaceFemaleElvet Striders
MarcJoyce5k B RaceMaleJarrow & Hebburn
WayneKavanagh5k B RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
WillKeay5k B RaceMaleNone
StevenKeay5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
LiamKeers5k B RaceMale-
StuartKelsey5k B RaceMaleHeaton harriers
JanetteKilgour5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
JonathanKirk5k B RaceMale
ThomasKnaggs5k B RaceMaleThomas Knaggs
RiaKnox5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
LindsayKoumba5k B RaceFemale
GavinLambert5k B RaceMaleWashington RC
DanLaws5k B RaceMaleTeam COCO
DavidLaws5k B RaceMaleTeam Coco
LouiseLaws5k B RaceFemaleTeam COCO
CraigLawson5k B RaceMaleEast Durham Running Club
NicolaLawson5k B RaceFemaleWashington running club
AlistairLay5k B RaceMaleN.A
DavidLeat5k B RaceMaleStocksfield Striders
GraemeLeathard5k B RaceMaleJesmond joggers
DaveLeng5k B RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
BenLeslie5k B RaceMaleParkrun
LindseyLetts5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
AbbieLewis5k B RaceFemaleBlaydon Harriers
MalcolmLiddle5k B RaceMaleElswick Harriers
AdamLindores5k B RaceMaleNo Club Running Club
JamesLove5k B RaceMaleJames Love
AliciaLovett5k B RaceFemaleN/a
EilidhMackenzie5k B RaceFemaleSaltwell Harriers
AnnaMaddox5k B RaceFemale
JoeMaddox5k B RaceMale
ChristineMaddox5k B RaceFemale
RogerMakepeace5k B RaceMale
Kristin NoelMansfield5k B RaceFemale
ChristineMarsh5k B RaceFemaleBlyth
CharlieMarsh5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
CraigMarshall5k B RaceMale
CatherineMccabe5k B RaceFemale
PhilMccluskey5k B RaceMaleVegan runners
ClaireMcconnell5k B RaceFemaleAurora Harriers
MillyMcgeary5k B RaceFemale
SimonMcgeary5k B RaceMale
ChrisMcgrath5k B RaceMaleHartlepool Burn Road Harriers
JulieMcgrath5k B RaceFemaleHartlepool burn road harriers
ClaireMckinnon5k B RaceFemalePrudhoe Plodders Running Club
LisaMcnulty5k B RaceFemaleFordy runs
KatieMeikle5k B RaceFemaleNorth east project
KatherineMetcalf5k B RaceFemale
PhilMiddleton5k B RaceMaleNorthumberland Fell Runners
DionneMilburn5k B RaceFemaleNewburn running club
CraigMillen5k B RaceMale
MaxineMinchella5k B RaceFemaleSouth Shields Harriers & AC
AntonMirafsari5k B RaceMaleJarrow & Hebburn AC
NikMohamed Kamal5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
WayseMolavian5k B RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
AoifeMonaghan5k B RaceFemale
DavidMoney5k B RaceMaleBirtley AC
RogerMosedale5k B RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
JasonMoss5k B RaceMale
CarlMowatt5k B RaceMaleJarrow & Hebburn AC
AllenMulliss5k B RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
TyroneMurphy5k B RaceMaleTynebridge Harriers
JackieMurray5k B RaceFemale
PaulMusgrave5k B RaceMale
LewisNagel5k B RaceMaleEast Durham Running Club
LynneNarey5k B RaceFemale
FrankieNaughton5k B RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
TrevorNeedham5k B RaceMaleAycliffe Running Club
KirstyNelson5k B RaceFemaleElvet Striders
MichaelNemeth5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
DavidNevins5k B RaceMaleNewcastle Front Runners
MillieNewham5k B RaceFemaleDurham City Harriers
LouiseNicholson5k B RaceFemaleRed Kite Runners
MarkNicholson5k B RaceMaleLonely Goats
CarlyNixon5k B RaceFemaleTyne bridge harriers
RowenNugent5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
FrancisO'brien5k B RaceMale
ElaineO'mara5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge harriers
MicheleO'neill-hall5k B RaceFemaleNorth East Veterans
AlexO’neill5k B RaceFemale
KarlOgilvie5k B RaceMale
DavidPace5k B RaceMale
MenakaParanathala5k B RaceFemale
EleanorParker5k B RaceFemaleSaltwell Harriers
JemmaParker5k B RaceFemaleRed kite runners
LeanneParkin5k B RaceFemaleGateshead Harriers
MeganParkin5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
ShaunnaPatterson5k B RaceFemale
LindaPatterson5k B RaceFemaleAlnwick Harriers
DennisPatterson5k B RaceMalePonteland Runners
PhilippaPattison5k B RaceFemaleGateshead Harriers
JessicaPawley5k B RaceFemaleNone
BillPeacock5k B RaceMaleLow Fell Running club
LornaPearce5k B RaceFemale
LauraPercy5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
SimonPickering5k B RaceMaleCrook & District AC
MelissaPoma5k B RaceFemale
HollyPorter5k B RaceFemaleClaremont Road Runners
JoPowell5k B RaceFemaleAlnwick harriers
ElouisePretorius5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
IanPrime5k B RaceMalecongleton harriers
CharlotteQuayle5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
HollyRacaut5k B RaceFemaleNewcastle Frontrunners
GlenRae5k B RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
HeatherRaistrick5k B RaceFemaleElvet Striders
EdenRatcliffe5k B RaceFemaleBlaydon Harriers
AshRathband5k B RaceMale
NadiaRaza5k B RaceFemaleTotley AC
AndyReay5k B RaceMaleRed Kites
NoreenRees5k B RaceFemaleNorth Shields Poly
JackRevely5k B RaceMaleSunderland Harrier & Ac
LisaRichards5k B RaceFemale
DonnaRichardson5k B RaceFemaleNone
GezRichell5k B RaceFemale
HelenRiding5k B RaceFemale
ScottRidley5k B RaceMale
LucasRiley5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
DavidRitson5k B RaceMaleRunfit Hartlepool
Mr.Robert Weightman5k B RaceMaleJarrow and Hebburn AC
RossRobertson5k B RaceMaleVegan Runners
TobyRobinson5k B RaceMaleGosforth Harriers
GillianRobinson5k B RaceFemaleGateshead Harriers
GlennRobinson5k B RaceMaleNot applicable
JudithRobinson5k B RaceFemaleGateshead harriers
HeatherRobinson5k B RaceFemaleJarrow AC
PeterRobinson Smith5k B RaceMaleHeaton harriers and ac
GaryRose5k B RaceMale
EmmaRothery5k B RaceFemaleThese Girls Can Run
AngusRoutledge5k B RaceMaleJesmond Joggers
GeorgeRoutledge5k B RaceMaleHeaton harriers
ChloeRowe5k B RaceFemale
DavidRowe5k B RaceMaleWallsend Harriers
CarolRowe5k B RaceFemale
NickRudd5k B RaceMale
HelenRuffell5k B RaceFemaleHelen Ruffell
MarkRuffell5k B RaceMaleJarrow and Hebburn AC
GarryRussell5k B RaceMaleBlaydon Harriers
PaulS5k B RaceMaleNorth shields poly
ThomasSahebjam5k B RaceMaleSunderland Strollers
LaurenSchofield5k B RaceFemaleGosforth Harriers
JanetScott5k B RaceFemaleHoughton harriers and athletics
DebraScott5k B RaceFemale
IsabellaSharrock5k B RaceFemaleJesmond Joggers
BillyShaw5k B RaceMaleBlyth running club
JackShawcross5k B RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
PaulSherburn5k B RaceMalenorth shields polytechnic
JulianSheriff5k B RaceMale
StaceyShort5k B RacePrefer Not To SayBlyth Running Club
AndreaSimmons5k B RaceFemalePonteland Runners
RebeccaSimmons5k B RaceFemale
MarkSimpson5k B RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
PipinSingh5k B RaceMaleNone
JosephSkelton5k B RaceMaleNa
MichaelSkoyles5k B RaceMale
GlennSmethurst5k B RaceMaleLongstanton & Northstowe Limpers
JamesSmith5k B RaceMaleJarrow & Hebburn
AngusSmith5k B RaceMaleTyne bridge harriers
CaraSmith5k B RaceFemaleGateshead Harriers & AC
AlisonSmith5k B RaceFemaleNorth Shields Poly
JanSmith5k B RaceFemaleWashington Running Club
LindaSmith5k B RaceFemaleJarrow & Hebburn
FionaSmith5k B RaceFemaleBorder Harriers
SophieSnowdon5k B RaceFemale
KevinSorlie5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
PhilSouthern5k B RaceMaleNorth Shields poly
DebbieSpoor5k B RaceFemale
JohnStephens5k B RaceMaleLOW FELL RC
AndrewStephenson5k B RaceMaleNA
RobertStobbs5k B RaceMale
JordanStock5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
MichelleStockton5k B RaceFemaleSunderland strollers
AndrewStubbings5k B RaceMaleTyne and Wear Fire Service
MarkSutherland5k B RaceMaleHeaton Harriers
GraemeSwaddle5k B RaceMaleBirtley AC
LauraSwalwell5k B RaceFemale
LynnSwanson5k B RaceFemale
PhilSwinburn5k B RaceMaleElvet striders
JosephTaylor5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
LarryTaylor5k B RaceMale
CarolineTeasdale5k B RaceFemaleCrook AC
YamunaThiru5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
GlennThomas5k B RaceMaleWashington Running Club
MartinThomas5k B RaceMale
ConnieThompson5k B RaceFemale
GavinThompson5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
KevinThompson5k B RaceMale
AlanThompson5k B RaceMaleelswick harriers
IvanThorn5k B RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
MichaelThornton5k B RaceMaleSouth Shields
LisaTodd5k B RaceFemale
ZoeTowers5k B RaceFemaleBirtley AC
DarceyTullis5k B RaceFemaleNorth Shields Poly
SimonTurnbull5k B RaceMaleBlaydon Harriers
RachelTurnbull5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
HayleyTurnbull5k B RaceFemale
AndrewTurnell5k B RaceMaleCrook and District AC
MeganTurner5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
KerriTurner5k B RaceFemaleWallsend harriers
JacquelineTurner5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
GrahamTye5k B RaceMale
EileenUrwin5k B RaceFemaleN.A
LynnValentine5k B RaceFemaleWashington running club
CliffVeitch5k B RaceMaleJesmond joggers
EileenVillasenor5k B RaceFemale
Mari LuzVivancos-martinez5k B RaceFemale
RachelWaite5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
CarinaWake5k B RaceFemale
MatthewWalker5k B RaceMaleGateshead Harriers
EleanorWalker5k B RaceFemaleHeaton Harriers
MartinWalker5k B RaceMale
SteveWalker5k B RaceMaleNorth Shields poly
DylanWallace5k B RaceMale
PeterWallis5k B RaceMaleNorth Shields Poly
DanielWalsh5k B RaceMale
NatalieWalters5k B RaceFemaleponteland runners
CorinneWalton5k B RaceFemaleNone
MikeWaring5k B RaceMalePonteland Runners
LizzieWarnes5k B RaceFemaleJesmond Joggers
BaljitWatson5k B RaceFemaleLonely goat running club
SimonWells5k B RaceMaleSimon Wells
MickWelsh5k B RaceMale
DavidWelsh5k B RaceMale
AndrewWestgarth5k B RaceMaleAurora Harriers
AnnaWhitford5k B RaceFemaleJesmond Joggers
JacquelineWhittaker5k B RaceFemaleAurora Harriers
LisaWild5k B RaceFemaleNorth Shields Polytechnic
NiloferWilkinson5k B RaceFemaleN.a
KatharineWillett5k B RaceFemaleAurora harriers
PaulWilliamson5k B RaceMale
FayeWilliamson5k B RaceFemaleJesmond Joggers
MichaelWilson5k B RaceMale
KellyWinham5k B RaceFemaleCrook & District AC
KateWinstanley5k B RaceFemaleJesmond Joggers
AndrewWood5k B RaceMale
PamelaWoodcock5k B RaceFemaleMorpeth Harriers
JonathonWoods5k B RaceMale
SophieWoolf5k B RaceFemale
AllisonWoolrych5k B RaceFemale
LeeWoolrych5k B RaceMale
WillardWright5k B RaceMaleHeaton H&AC
TrevorWyatt5k B RaceMale
ClaireWynarczyk5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
AnthonyYoung5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
DavidYoung5k B RaceMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
NadineZimmerlin5k B RaceFemaleTyne Bridge Harriers
NiamhAdamsJunior 3kFemaleBlyth
ShouqAlbalooshiJunior 3kFemaleTop Run UAE
BenAndersonJunior 3kMaleSunderland Harriers
ChrisAtkinsonJunior 3kFemaleAshington hirst running club
AoifeBellJunior 3kFemaleGateshead Harriers
JacobBrownJunior 3kMaleMiddlesbrough AC (Mandale)
ElodieBryantJunior 3kFemaleGosforth Harriers
GraceCarterJunior 3kFemaleDurham City Harriers
JamesCharltonJunior 3kMaleN/a
AmeliaClevelandJunior 3kFemaleGateshead harriers
EmilyCollingwoodJunior 3kFemaleGateshead Harriers
Ruby RoseColverJunior 3kFemaleTynebridge harriers
Poppy FaithColverJunior 3kFemaleTynebridge harriers
AlfieCookJunior 3kMaleGateshead Harriers
LaurenCreabyJunior 3kFemaleBlyth running club
RichardDaltonJunior 3kMale
PeterDavisJunior 3kMaleNorth Shields Poly
LewisDenisonJunior 3kMaleLow Fell Running Club
MiliDiddeeJunior 3kFemaleNorth Shields Polytechnic
JoshEbblewhite-woodJunior 3kMaleSunderland Harriers
EllieFellowsJunior 3kFemaleBlaydon Harriers & AC
MatthewGrahamJunior 3kMaleSedgefield Harriers
FinlayGrahamJunior 3kMaleBlaydon harriers
JudeGrahamJunior 3kMaleSunderland Harriers
JamesGrayJunior 3kMaleBlaydon Harrier & Athletics Club
IzzyHallJunior 3kFemaleBirtley
EvieHallJunior 3kFemaleDurham City Harriers
DarcyHarkerJunior 3kFemaleNorth Shields Poly
JackHendryJunior 3kMaleGateshead Harriers
WilliamJardineJunior 3kMaleDurham city harriers
AlexJardineJunior 3kFemaleDurham city harriers
JosephJohnsonJunior 3kMaleJoseph Johnson
ZaraJonesJunior 3kFemale
TylerKellyJunior 3kMaleNone
ZakKettleJunior 3kMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
JamieLonerganJunior 3kMaleBlaydon Harriers
AliceMaguireJunior 3kFemaleGateshead harriers
OscarMakespeaceJunior 3kMaleNorth Shields Poly
HarryMasonJunior 3kMaleDurham City harriers
AnnabelMilburnJunior 3kFemaleGateshead Harriers
JakeMoirJunior 3kMaleTyne Bridge Harriers
KatyOttersonJunior 3kFemaleNorth Shields Poly
FreddiePalmerJunior 3kMaleTyne Bridge
MaryParkinJunior 3kFemaleHeaton Harriers
AlexanderParkinJunior 3kMaleHeaton Harriers
SamPunnJunior 3kMaleGateshead Harriers
LarkinReidJunior 3kFemaleBirtley ac
ColeReidJunior 3kMaleGateshead Harriers
LoisRichardsJunior 3kFemaleBlaydon Harriers & AC
NoahRichardsJunior 3kMaleBlaydon Harriers & AC
JacobRichardsJunior 3kMaleBlaydon Harriers & AC
NoahRichardsonJunior 3kMaleNorth East Project
HollyRobinsonJunior 3kFemale
RubyRobinsonJunior 3kFemalePrudhoe Plodders
MillieRobsonJunior 3kFemaleElswick
MeganScopeJunior 3kFemaleNorth Shields Polytechnic
StanleySmithJunior 3kMaleNorth Devon Athletic Club
EllieSpoorJunior 3kFemale
BenSproatsJunior 3kMaleNorth Shields Poly
TobyStephensonJunior 3kMaleDoha Athletics Club
EthanStokesJunior 3kMaleDurham City Harriers
JamesSturmanJunior 3kMaleNorth Shields Poly
NicholasSurtees-BrownJunior 3kMaleElswick Harriers
MaeveTaggartJunior 3kFemaleNorth Shields Poly
FreyaTalmanJunior 3kFemaleDarlington Harriers
Savannah TarnJunior 3kFemaleDarlington Harriers
Aidan TurnerJunior 3kMaleNorth Shields Poly
George TurnerJunior 3kMaleNorth Shields Poly
NoahWilliamsonJunior 3kMale